Film Music Production

PBS Science Special 400 Years of the Telescope | Mark Slater conducts the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios | Award winning IMAX and Full Dome Films | Live Action Features and Shorts

Publishing and Creative Writing

Artisan book publishing | Original short stories and dramatic novels | The Nursery in the Sky | Ground breaking scripts | Press Releases and PR | Translation Services | Marketing and Brand Consultancy

Video Production, Radio, News & Live Events

Red carpet and location reports | Webinars | Seminars | MC Hosting | Atsuko Kohata at the Academy Awards | Interviews with A-List Stars | Radio and Television Entertainment News | Documentaries | Voice Over and ADR Production


Award winning animated films | Swan Cake and Broken Wing by Amos Sussigan and Nikitha Mannam | Full Dome Video Production | Green Screen | Red Camera | 3D & 4D Productions| Photorealistic Computer Graphics

Illustration and Design

Original and innovative illustration and design by Nicole Fossataro | Photography | Luxury brand fashion labels and accessories | Lifestyle Interior Design and Cuisine | Marketing and Brand Consultancy